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From Twitter 05-06-2011

  • 08:45:35: Lost twitter for awhile but it's back.
  • 08:56:21: A head ache this morning is really really bad.
  • 10:55:36: Well don't think I'll shift this headache completely so might as well get up and going.
  • 11:43:51: Wow I can't believe Dominic did it! #dontgetdonegetdom
  • 15:02:44: RT @pharrap: BBC News - Labour takes Bury Council after drawing lots - http://bbc.in/iffR8k < Tories must be kicking themselves, woul ...
  • 15:06:20: I honestly can't believe control of Bury council was decided by drawing lots!
  • 17:08:50: @anxiousgeek is your bbm working?
  • 17:55:56: I'm being depressed by the election results.
  • 21:19:47: Right going to try one of these beta blockers. . .
  • 22:12:34: I'm reading #sg1 fanfic. So sue me. #FridayReads
  • 22:59:19: @G57G man I wish I had the time to watch that. Most of my tv watching is done whilst thesis writing. Can't read the subtitles and write.
  • 23:06:21: All tablets should be rebranded lol tablets. http://yfrog.com/h4vtdripj

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From Twitter 05-05-2011

  • 07:10:50: Ok so getting up early wasn't happening. I'll get my exercise walking to the doctors and then the polling station.
  • 08:01:01: May go for a run later since I just ate brownies for breakfast.
  • 08:04:50: Those brownies were the last treat for a week, except for eating one cup cake tomorrow in journal club.
  • 08:27:20: @Almacme because we're not sure what POD stands for. . .
  • 08:43:41: Actually getting bus to kegwortth feel like I left it too late
  • 08:45:29: I can go to the co-op first.
  • 08:47:25: I hope the bus wasn't early.
  • 09:00:23: Well done at co-op and 20 minutes until my appointment
  • 10:07:29: Off to vote #yestoav
  • 10:47:13: I'm getting soaked on the way to the polling station. The things I do for a fairer electoral system #yestoav
  • 10:56:47: There are tonnes of ducklings on the river
  • 11:21:52: I just voted #yestoav
  • 11:25:24: @Almacme since I'm still clueless perhaps it's because we don't use it much at all. . .
  • 13:20:45: RT @AndrewBloch: Great Polling Station Sign #Yes2AV #No2AV http://twitpic.com/4tlbia
  • 13:21:10: @YesInMay Maternity and Paternity leave!
  • 13:21:48: @stebrett I tried to explain this to my friend but he doesn't believe in change for changes sake.
  • 13:23:02: @markreel :)
  • 13:26:58: I am confused as to why my ballot paper had a barcode for mobile phones on it #yestoav
  • 14:30:44: @Almacme can't you make it into an ebook?
  • 16:27:49: This paper talks about trashy seed beds. Do they where slutty clothes?
  • 17:07:14: I do believe one of the papers for journal club is the most boring in the world
  • 17:56:27: A long stare. . . #castle
  • 18:13:21: Had to stop #castle to go to dinner and then onwards to the supermarket.
  • 18:19:11: Apparently Saoirse is at dinner but I can't see her and she can't see me.
  • 20:02:12: #yestoav
  • 20:49:15: Supposed to bake for tutor meeting but so tired
  • 21:32:50: Watching #theshadowline
  • 21:37:16: I'm not sure what's going on #theshadowline
  • 21:46:51: I don't like the icing I made for these cupcakes.
  • 21:57:21: RT @tajasel: My very final #yes2av call: woman picked up, shouted "can't talk now, have to vote!" and slammed phone down <3
  • 21:59:10: An alan key! Of course it all makes sense! #theshadowline
  • 22:16:00: You can tell the telepromter has gone down #bbcnews

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From Twitter 05-04-2011

  • 07:32:05: @AliceMartha *giggles*
  • 07:33:56: Robert Winston is saying #notoav? Isn't he supposed to be smart. . . Guess not. #yestoav
  • 07:35:27: @alicepurdy there is a debate on @BBCBreakfast soon maybe that will help?
  • 07:43:21: Thank you @BBCBreakfast for making sure the public hear the facts! #yestoav #notoav
  • 08:02:59: ‎​Apparently if you eat LOADS of chocolate after lent you put on the weight you lost
  • 09:33:40: Today I am sick with worry about my phd
  • 12:37:15: Somosas from the farmer's market for lunch. . . And also some fudge. Man does Mel feel fat.
  • 12:39:01: Got off cleaned up RNA samples to the agilent. Fingers crossed. I think a run is in order.
  • 13:48:34: Watching Obama at the 2011 White House Correspondents' dinner
  • 14:46:52: Registered for Japanese lessons.
  • 15:26:00: I need a run I'm feeling pretty fat.
  • 19:47:30: Want to get up nice and early so I can go for a run before I go to the doctors.
  • 20:01:56: Amazing how much worse I feel now I've started eating cake and chocolate again. Obviously because I'm eating FAR TOO MUCH.
  • 20:42:31: If you google :( you don't get any results
  • 20:42:44: Nor for :)
  • 22:12:34: Mabel is dead? I even remember mabel!
  • 22:22:14: I got called to pick up a drunk girl from another house and dump her in bed. Probably because I'm the tutor who'd put up being vomited on.
  • 22:23:05: @mrtsuffolk yes! Wait do you want actualy arguments. . .

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From Twitter 05-03-2011

  • 00:33:27: I'm cold think it's stopped me sleeping
  • 06:51:10: Going for the 8:10 bus.
  • 06:55:20: Got to collect some #yestoAV leaflets from Nottingham today
  • 06:58:46: Got @BBCBreakfast local news for London again.
  • 07:01:10: Oh wait, I had it on BBC news channel. My bad.
  • 07:02:21: @ShropsDan analyse the Canadian election results?
  • 07:06:17: I'm so chilly
  • 07:08:43: @ShropsDan pretend a zombie attack is coming and check how long your food would last you?
  • 07:10:04: @ShropsDan bake brownies!!
  • 07:54:38: Ah the perils of sleeping on wet hair.
  • 08:07:40: Forgot to bring anything to entertain me on the bus
  • 08:08:56: @BBCBreakfast it was my bad. I had it on the bbc news channel. I'm easily confused before coffee.
  • 08:15:03: They've sent a coach this morning. I don't care if it looks uncool I'm wearing my seatbelt
  • 08:28:42: Bus is moving at a pace of one metre a minute
  • 08:32:59: RT @TheBoyWhoBakes: New series of The Great British Bake Off started filming this past weekend good luck to all this years contestants
  • 08:41:38: Now taking bets on how late the bus will be
  • 08:43:24: @ForestFlower23 you can draw a picture of a duck! They should have "neither"
  • 08:49:28: I could have jogged faster to university park.
  • 09:17:53: Indigo oh indigo where for art thou?
  • 09:50:07: It's before 10 but I'm having a chocolate muffin
  • 09:55:52: A trip to the gym is now essential http://yfrog.com/h8c1xltj
  • 10:02:15: Now full of muffin, coffee and guilt.
  • 10:06:22: Hair appointment booked for 16:15. Need to decide what to do with it.
  • 11:36:27: Thursday is my DAY OF DOOM. This is unrelated to the referendum or the birthday of @anxiousgeek.
  • 11:43:28: I'm sure I asked work to open twice now
  • 11:54:06: Attempting to apply for a job at terrapin
  • 11:54:49: @anxiousgeek it opened about 15 minutes latter.
  • 15:24:45: At least I've got one job application in. Trying for a second now. Wyoming.
  • 15:29:43: Keep hair long, cut hair off?
  • 15:36:57: Oh my goodness the fear
  • 15:38:11: My netbook is frozen 90 percent of the time
  • 15:42:02: Ok net book will not let me apply for this job
  • 15:42:32: I don't understand nothing is running in the background
  • 15:46:55: Argh it's something to do with my network connection. Worked fine once I disconnect.
  • 17:07:39: My friend Katy has asked me to convince her to say #yestoav. I'm doing my best.
  • 18:17:14: I want to go to dinner!!
  • 19:58:33: Hit up gym
  • 20:07:50: I'm not going to have time to shower post gym again if I want to watch #exile live
  • 20:13:01: One quarter of the way through the work out.
  • 20:16:58: They are playing a song in he gym whose chorus goes "grab somebody sexy time". Can't stop laughing.
  • 20:28:06: Got another #yestoav vote. Here's hoping she then convinces somebody new.
  • 20:29:35: Over half way through my workout.
  • 20:37:28: Two thirds of the way through my workout. I know you are all really interested.
  • 20:40:16: Reduced time by 5 minutes to make it home in time for exile
  • 21:21:29: Baking low fat brownies whilst watching #exile
  • 21:24:20: The butternut squash korma they served at dinner tonight was not half bad.
  • 21:28:56: Left an ingredient in the other room but now is not the time to leave the telly #exile
  • 21:45:19: Added the ingredients to the brownie in the wrong order. I blame #exile.
  • 21:46:15: I have also have gotten cocoa down my top.
  • 21:50:15: He's got Alzheimer's he won't know #exile
  • 21:52:47: Do all council leaders have so much control over their police force #exile
  • 21:53:20: I thought she'd get shot walking in for a second #exile
  • 22:02:21: @bookladysblog I. . . Support them?
  • 22:03:13: Gah itchy legs.
  • 22:03:32: Waiting for brownies to finish cooking.
  • 22:09:44: Shoot brownies taste a little like mayo
  • 22:12:17: Mind I've eaten two of them so they aren't that bad.
  • 22:12:41: There goes all the work from the gym *fail*
  • 22:26:29: @bookladysblog one of my friends changes her online handle so often I can't keep up.
  • 23:01:34: I think every woman should read The Good Women of China.

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From Twitter 05-01-2011

  • 05:30:03: It's 5 am and I'm awake. . .
  • 05:35:44: One of my teeth is buzzing. Think it's just reminding me it's alive. . .
  • 07:42:30: Got up at half five and still only just going for run. Sports gear stinks!
  • 09:32:28: I feel great after a run and a shower
  • 10:39:05: Damn missing #marr because I'm at work. Well that's what iplayer is for.
  • 10:43:48: @AliceMartha now I want a pain au chocolat.
  • 11:21:30: Luciferase hates me
  • 12:52:44: Want more chocolate.
  • 13:17:38: Just locked the rest of my chocolate in a cupboard.
  • 13:30:58: Did I turn off my computer or did my computer turn itself odd
  • 13:33:05: Chocolate makes me tired. I must remember this. I wish I had some snaps.
  • 16:38:15: It seems my US birth Certificate and my UK Birth Certificate are missing. Which means all of my original birth certificates are gone.
  • 18:25:46: Nature versus Nurture. Can we use Biology as an excuse in crime? http://bbc.in/mRolkZ
  • 19:35:27: I just ate a cup-a-pasta from a bowl. That's right, a BOWL.
  • 19:36:20: I left my washing (including running gear) in dryer. Can't be arsed to fetch it.
  • 20:40:31: There I have written a bit of my thesis
  • 20:48:10: If I was going for one day to Dublin what should I do?
  • 20:55:39: Getting ready for #exile
  • 21:00:26: #torchwood advert!
  • 21:04:14: It's a depressed version of The Master #exile
  • 21:11:24: He killed wendy #exile
  • 21:12:58: @anxiousgeek beard was the best bit
  • 21:16:19: Drugs are bad #exile
  • 21:16:43: Yup, she deserves a break #exile
  • 21:19:19: Those were perfectly good burnt sausages. When in doubt, go for take out #exile
  • 21:27:46: Start of that scene I fancied a bowl of cereal now not so much #exile
  • 21:33:57: I'd so let a guy hide behind a trolley #exile
  • 21:36:14: Panic is not fun.
  • 21:37:55: Wish I had some chips #exile
  • 21:41:17: And no we understand the big mystery #exile
  • 21:57:21: RT @WaterstonesNG: Andrew O'Hagan's 'Life and Opinions of Maf the Dog' prompted a serious debate today. What are the best pets in works ...
  • 22:43:39: I am going to be eaten by worry monkeys.

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From Twitter 04-30-2011

  • 08:13:38: 'Deathly Hallows - Part 2' trailer now online http://t.co/szOghJi via @MuggleNet
  • 08:25:13: Happy Birthday @redbridgegirl!
  • 09:51:24: Guy on his phone in the office is pissing me right off
  • 09:51:50: @TVsSimonKing
  • 10:01:10: @TVsSimonKing Skylarks!
  • 11:01:51: Strong desire for spinach and filo pastry for luch. Need to pop home and take the pastry out the freezer. Hope this cDNA reaction works!!!
  • 11:56:36: Don't get Done get Dom - Dominc Littlewood is my hero
  • 14:52:02: I am full of spinach and feta filo pastry.
  • 17:28:37: :(
  • 17:35:09: Cityville is getting to complicated
  • 18:06:05: I don't like confusing #doctorwho openings
  • 18:12:32: I do not understand what's been happening for the last 3 months #doctorwho
  • 18:26:54: I'm getting really quite angry with #doctorwho and how very confusing it is.
  • 18:49:46: This is a children's show. They can't fill the first two episodes with that much confusion #doctorwho
  • 18:52:55: The doctor made humans commit genocide. Not on. #doctorwho
  • 20:32:00: *comfort eats*
  • 20:36:24: Bit of filo just went down the keyboard
  • 20:36:42: Need to get up early, run, get into work.
  • 21:43:33: @MissMarple1 I said that! I was confused and thinking to myself "isn't this a children's show?
  • 21:49:07: Am I the only one left angry at #doctorwho?
  • 21:51:27: @hed0ley I have one. Though my housemate thought it was something else...

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From Twitter 04-29-2011

  • 08:00:54: Why didn't my alarm go off?!?
  • 08:05:03: Did I turn it off in my sleep? Must have.
  • 08:07:49: Oh well just got to get on.
  • 09:51:10: Uh oh #notoAV people have been around halls and #yestoAV haven't. Best fix that!
  • 09:52:29: I am so going to be setting up a qpcr during the #royalwedding. Never mind I can see the highlights later.
  • 12:24:53: Time for a sunny run
  • 12:25:42: Oh and my #fridayreads is the #sg1 novel Four Dragons.
  • 13:45:30: I'm getting quite the blister on my big toe
  • 15:31:58: Right can't wait any longer. Going to try a hens egg filled with real chocolate.
  • 15:42:22: Hard to get the shell off, ended up eating quite a bit of it
  • 18:14:12: Came home for dinner before cDNA reactions
  • 21:47:14: Ok I need to have a couple of days chocolate and sweet free now!!
  • 22:02:28: Only read a few pages of the #sg1 novel Four Dragons, looking at the @BumblebeeTrust newsletter before bed #fridayreads

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From Twitter 04-28-2011

  • 07:19:46: Fed up with Royal wedding coverage.
  • 08:00:30: Oh the blocked sink smells horrible.
  • 09:19:36: I love the episode of #frasier where Freddie tries to get Frasier and Lilith back together.
  • 10:58:57: Chilly!
  • 11:06:01: Ely station is full of friendly house sparrows.
  • 11:12:23: Must remember train tickets for trip to London
  • 11:15:09: Hooray I've got a seat.
  • 11:27:55: The chapter "what is an American?" From The American Future is full of shocking events.
  • 12:00:07: Getting really fed up with people using mobiles on the train.
  • 12:13:08: 80 pages to go.
  • 12:43:47: @anxiousgeek I have it on silent and I'm not making phone calls.
  • 13:05:18: Got a long wait in Leicester station. Have consumed cheese scone and chocolate for lunch.
  • 13:05:54: I think I'll hit up the gym when I get back.
  • 13:07:06: @SpaceMonkeyLOL have you played with somebody else's kindle?
  • 13:18:26: I'm getting bored of reading.
  • 13:19:06: @SpaceMonkeyLOL no but I thought I'd like it then when I used one I actually really hated it!
  • 13:28:38: Final train!
  • 13:30:27: @SpaceMonkeyLOL well I ready very quickly and I found the time it took to "turn" pages annoying! It's a bit clunky as well.
  • 18:52:05: Get home, turn on pc, it's dead. Sadness.
  • 18:53:50: Man I am SO hungry.
  • 19:23:20: I have eaten too much chocolate again.
  • 20:06:36: @Almacme my pancreas says yes.
  • 22:12:35: I keep having a conversation with my doctor in my head. But I am worried about how they'll reply.

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From Twitter 04-27-2011

  • 05:44:26: NOOO! They have cancelled MPMI. I have paid for everything!
  • 05:58:20: DAMN YOU MPMI
  • 06:08:21: Sorry that should be DAMN YOU PLANT PATHOLOGISTS! Japan needed you to go to MPMI. You are stopping their recovery!
  • 10:07:20: Breakfast. Need breakfast.
  • 11:02:56: Registering with Locate for my trip to Japan.
  • 11:17:50: Don't get done get Dom! I love this show.
  • 11:46:44: I think I'll eat lunch and go for a run after
  • 12:27:40: Made too much pasta. Birds can have the rest.
  • 12:46:31: Somebody offer me a job please. An interview would be nice.
  • 14:55:08: Got sick and had to walk home from run.
  • 14:59:42: I am a catterpillar magnet
  • 15:00:51: I can't get over how greedy evil cat is.
  • 16:28:21: Going to help out with #yestoAV on referendum day
  • 16:32:31: I can't believe what a nice day it is and I'm stuck inside writing job applications.
  • 17:24:23: There is nothing light in the house to have for tea.
  • 17:28:05: @timeshighered are doing tweets on the fees debate. I could put it on tv but the tweets cut out the whining mps.
  • 19:29:33: Parents are back in the UK
  • 19:49:10: Lady on #diysos who is doing the extension is amazing. Spending her last days helping somebody else.
  • 20:22:01: Giving up on the job hunt for the day. Checked out Monsanto, arffymetrix and syngenta but nothing suitable.
  • 20:26:36: Must...not...cry #diysos
  • 20:53:53: Settled on the sofa ready for #crimsonpetal
  • 21:32:36: Fear

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The Job Hunt

It's a beautiful day but I am stuck indoors applying for jobs. Even my attempt to get out of the house for a run failed as I got sick and had to walk home. After hearing MPMI was cancelled (a conference in Japan) and thus I would be needed to pay back £1000 of travel grants I aleady used to pay for flights, getting a job seems pretty important right now. I am still going to Japan but now it's all one big holiday coming out of my pocket!!

Some of these job adverts are brilliant though. One demanded I prove my degree was as good as an American one. When I equired to check they would want this for a British degree (no offense my US friends, we have Universities before you existed as a country) the HR department didn't even read the email just sent me back a reply telling me to apply online. When I asked again, they just cut and copies the part of the application asking for proof that foreign degrees are as good as American ones. I mean I will have a PhD and the job only needed a masters!

I also find it a little bit strange hoiw most of the adverts say "women and individuals of colour are encouraged to apply". In the UK it's all "we will not discrimnate based on sex, faith, race or sexual orietation" but on the US these universities advertise themselves as wanting to hire women! For the job on the US airforce base it only said "Women are encouraged to apply" though...:p

Just put together my application for a job in Wyoming and I also read all the requirements to see if I can meet them with my CV/cover letter. This one from additional qualifications amused me:

"Ability to adapt, succeed in, and enjoy the small-town community and the high-desert environment of southwestern Wyoming."

Not exactly sure how to prove that one!