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From Twitter 05-13-2011

  • 06:36:20: Restless night again but I think I'm getting there
  • 06:45:47: It's #FridayReads everyone! I'm reading Unweaving the Rainbow by Richard Dawkins - a Dawkins fan insisted I read it to cheer myself up.
  • 06:49:23: #ff people I know in the real world @figgylee1 @redbridgegirl @wtfletmejoin @CGrav
  • 06:53:07: #ff Nottingham peeps: @AliceMartha @KT_Lou_Jackson @WaterstonesNG @BroadwayCinema @SkyMirror @UniofNottingham
  • 06:54:51: #ff other people I follow: @SpaceMonkeyLOL @AngieVonAsgard @ShropsDan @BeingKimberly @thebookmaven @BookCourt @bookladysblog @bookworm1979
  • 06:57:53: #ff some people you might know: @Beathhigh @NoelClarke @adamhills @AdrianLester @ChrisGPackham @David_Boreanaz @gordonjbuchanan
  • 07:01:06: Last few #ff @G57G @Almacme @anxiousgeek @archaeologue @Bridge_Cafe @burlesqpenguin @diegou @SAPS_News @jpshaddock @TheBoyWhoBakes
  • 07:11:28: RT @ocbreakfastshow: Maggie needs your help! http://absrad.io/fLEvCu Like our facebook page please, she needs to get 20k fans by 10am a ...
  • 07:11:46: RT @AndyRHamilton: As promised my( @andyrhamilton 's ) delicious alcoholic elderflower champagne http://t.co/DYELRXg via @guardian
  • 07:14:28: When the lime flowers come out I'll have to make some tea, supposed to be good for sleep
  • 07:17:26: @ShropsDan aliens. They came in the night.
  • 07:19:57: I'm getting depressed I haven't heard back from a single job application.
  • 07:23:51: Young people don't like being drunk? Have they been to SB?
  • 07:27:37: @ShropsDan people once broke into my house and my homework got stolen
  • 08:39:02: Unable to do a full hour on the cross trainer. Switched to the bike for the last half hour. My arms were killing me
  • 08:40:34: Better than not finishing the workout at all. Might take tomorrow off from exercise.
  • 08:41:24: How come you don't burn that many calories on the bike? My legs would argue they are working harder
  • 08:41:57: Whoops dropped phone
  • 08:50:24: Did I say last 30 minutes? I meant last 11 and a half minutes. Just tired today I guess.
  • 09:09:32: @BeingKimberly I haven't. I can always work for starbucks. I've always wanted to work for starbucks.
  • 09:39:40: Maybe I can convince starbucks to find laboratory research.
  • 09:40:43: Fund not find
  • 12:31:12: Just popped about 6 grape and lychee twist tic tacs.
  • 12:32:07: When I see ATP, I do think Adenosine Triphosphate is trending.
  • 12:53:10: Yes another cover letter written.
  • 14:52:50: Fire drill in the library
  • 14:54:02: I've abandoned University of Cambridge's precious books to BURN in the imaginary fire
  • 14:56:18: I was literally a couple of sentences away from finishing with the damn thing as well
  • 16:22:54: Hour and forty minutes until dinner
  • 16:46:08: I feel my actual #fridayreads is a tonne of cytokinin journal articles.
  • 18:37:11: Going to the farmers market in Castle Donington tomorrow
  • 18:41:05: I wish they'd ask for our rent because I've put the money aside for it.
  • 18:42:59: Didn't really enjoy dinner.
  • 20:51:45: Over half way through four dragons #sg1
  • 20:58:58: What are you reading today tweeps? Add #FridayReads to your tweet and let me know.
  • 21:01:34: Two presenters #hignfy
  • 21:05:56: David Dimbleby still hasn't recovered from the General Election 2010 #hignfy
  • 21:14:20: Prepares you for the colonies! #hignfy
  • 21:26:09: I don't get the ice cream sundae bit #hignfy

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