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From Twitter 05-12-2011

  • 00:08:39: Quite enjoying the #sg1 novel Four Dragons. About a third of the way through
  • 00:24:55: RT @birdwatchandy: RT MISSING GIRL - PLEASE RT - Kenzi Goodyear, aged 13, from Newton Abbot, Devon, U.K. not seen since 8am. http://t.c ...
  • 00:29:35: I might have to sleep with my desk lamp on
  • 07:46:20: Coffee consumed. I am AWAKE.
  • 07:52:52: @figgylee1 today is the day for your first tweet!!
  • 08:25:42: I am not enjoying this version of rolling in the deep #glee
  • 08:46:58: Now I know why poor Kurt was trending #glee
  • 08:58:02: @ShropsDan it's from what happens in the latest episode of glee
  • 12:02:39: I was hoping I'd put something exciting in my ocado order for lunch but not such luck
  • 13:02:52: Dear work internet: other websites exist except nottingham.ac.uk
  • 13:19:18: Why don't my results match?!?
  • 13:31:59: Morrisons do very tasty dried apricots
  • 13:38:51: Going to the library to work from the text book they won't let me take from said library.
  • 13:54:28: I've also been told I can't photocopy the book.
  • 15:27:13: I maintain milk chocolate coated raisins are one of your five a day
  • 15:47:46: I have many questions that need answering for my thesis
  • 15:52:09: I keep being distracted at work watching #glee videos. . . There's something wrong with me.
  • 15:55:18: Man am I hyper today
  • 16:57:56: Bus isn't busy yet. . .
  • 19:18:16: I am trying to get up at 6 am tomorrow
  • 19:19:12: Saoirse has requested a white chocolate and raspberry cake for her birthday.
  • 20:16:36: RT @willcarling: Need to get 'short arms deep pockets' @OCRadio to pay for Dinner for @MaggieTravel & her man/boy plse go to http://absr ...
  • 20:38:50: Terrified of crabs so hiding behind pillow #animalsguidetobritain
  • 20:45:10: Shore crabs mating is terrifying
  • 21:03:14: These herbal sleep aid tablets from boots taste DISGUSTING
  • 21:06:07: That's Emily Barker singing #theshadowline
  • 21:10:04: Pretty kitty #theshadowline
  • 21:10:52: I knew he'd do something horrible to that cat #theshadowline
  • 21:11:45: @BethStacey he's just come back from duty after being shot. He can't remember why he was where he was. Another officer died.
  • 21:17:42: Poor pregnant lady #theshadowline
  • 21:18:41: @nasra9301 emily barker is the singer.
  • 21:19:50: @figgylee1 perfect! Where did you swim?
  • 21:20:23: @figgylee1 has finally tweeted something!
  • 21:25:04: Blueberries to bring me up to #5aday
  • 21:26:13: Seriously, poor pregnant lady #theshadowline
  • 21:32:24: No freaking clue who the old man in glasses is #theshadowline
  • 21:50:04: He should have his seat belt on #theshadowline
  • 21:53:10: ROFL! TYPICAL F**KING BRITISH CAR CHASE! #theshadowline
  • 21:56:38: Is one of these instructions going to be jump off a bridge #theshadowline
  • 21:57:50: Please do not force the doors #theshadowline
  • 21:58:28: Does nobody else use the london underground? Never been that empty for me #theshadowline
  • 22:00:33: Absolutely no clue. But it's good. #theshadowline

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