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From Twitter 05-08-2011

  • 07:19:27: @ShropsDan Morning.
  • 07:20:24: @AliceMartha Morning.
  • 07:22:10: Miriam Clegg is on the happy list? Because she's hot?
  • 07:23:54: @Ivonbartok have you found the yeti zombie yet?
  • 07:55:05: @ShropsDan ok, just about to drag myself in for a long day in the lab. How are you?
  • 08:18:02: Keep listening to the performance from "Journey to Regionals". I don't remember liking it the first time. #glee
  • 08:20:28: Anyway you want it. . .that's the way you need it, anyway you want it!
  • 10:47:41: Time to go set up my second plate of the day.
  • 12:46:00: I need to change the music on my blackberry
  • 14:29:34: @anxiousgeek is you alive?
  • 14:37:33: I love this all in the mind radio show.
  • 16:40:11: 4 qPCR plates in one day is a new record
  • 16:40:34: @jpshaddock Yes, it's worse when you have an addiction to getting them from bookshops...costs so much more but is much more exciting.
  • 16:42:14: @bookladysblog Yeah my mother is friends with me...she corrects my spelling
  • 16:44:40: RT @themiltonjones: Been invited to a hair-washing party. Cant think of an excuse.
  • 18:20:19: :(
  • 18:53:35: To run or not to run. . .
  • 18:54:37: @AliceMartha how big?
  • 18:55:56: Come up mr unresponsive so that I may tell you can cease.
  • 18:56:56: I think no to the run. But I will go out in the morning.
  • 18:57:17: Urgh guilt okay I'm going out I'm going
  • 19:06:05: I will go running or to the gym in the morning. Every morning this week.
  • 19:20:21: @AliceMartha eat it it's mostly air :p
  • 19:48:42: Man my mouth is stinging. Maybe I put too much vinegar in the dressing.
  • 20:12:14: Boil
  • 20:16:11: Feet are starting to hurt
  • 21:04:50: Trying to remember who I went to the cinema with to see How to Lose Friends and Alienate People way back when.
  • 21:45:08: First room stuff! #howtolosefriendsandalienatepeople
  • 22:04:18: I'm worried this fudge won't be setting
  • 22:14:12: I'd forgotten this bit #howtolosefriendsandalienatepeople
  • 22:20:33: Which leg did you hurt? #howtolosefriendsandalienatepeople

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